HI, I'M STEVEN vizirov.

Temple University Grad, Copywriter, Sorry Philadelphia Sports Fan, Oxford Comma Advocate, Terrible Joke Teller.

About Me


Steven VI-zuh-rahv

  • The real way to pronounce it is a little more Russian sounding, but that's ok.
  • Graduated as an Advertising student at Temple University in May of 2019.
  • Hard working, and knows that there is no such thing as "perfect" or a "final draft." There is always room for improvement and he strives to be better than better.
  • Speaks English and Russian fluently.
  • Die-hard Philadelphia sports fan.
  • Sarcastic and thinks he is hilarious, because he is.
  • Has two dogs named Rufus and Parker.


Skillset / Achievements

  • Won Megabus' Holiday Jingle Contest.
  • Handpicked to be in the NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition).
  • Writes, produces, plays, sings and publishes original music on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more.
  • His biggest achievement of them all, though, is finding something he loves to do.


Passions / Hobbies

  • Huge comic book nerd. Favorite hero is Spider-Man.
  • Collects Funko Pops.
  • Loves to travel, and has traveled to about 22 different states in the United States, and 4 other countries.
  • Loves to to produce material that makes people relate, happy, laugh, etc. whether that is by music, copy, or directly through him.


Downloadable PDF of Resumé

StevenVizirovResume (pdf)